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Healthcare is a complex team endeavor.
Our innovative products help teams succeed.


Our custom features are tailored for your healthcare organization.

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Enterprise Level Security
  • On-Premises PHI Database
  • Offline Accessible Mobile Apps
  • Plug-in Data Integration
  • All-In-One Solution
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Our web and mobile apps are designed for physician groups

Team Contacts

Wasting time trying to get in touch? Our searchable synchronized contact app puts your team at your finger tips.

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Secure Chat

Our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging platform makes it easy to share with colleagues in real-time and worry-free.

QA / Peer review

Simplify your QA workflow and increase provider participation and efficiency. Gain meaningful insights to improve quality.

Measurecare Hub™

One stop access to all applications means easier navigation between tasks. Single user login and cross platform integration.

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Secure Network

Our data infrastructures meet or exceed the latest industry security standards. Private closed cloud option is available to clients.

Mayday™ Live Help

Get help anytime. Our live help chat system means your always a click away from great client support.

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Mobile first design

Healthcare providers are mobile.
Our applications are designed to be accessible anywhere:
at your office, clinic, or home.

Security & Data Privacy

Compliance certifications and Regulations


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

EU/US Privacy Shield

Data Privacy Practices


General Data Protection Regulation


Data encryption in transit and at rest

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